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Pardot Form & EPC
Look and Feel Package

Let us implement a well built, responsive form and email preference centre template for you. We will also provide auto-resizing functionality to perfectly place your forms on your responsive website!

Fixed Cost: £3,000
*Fixed cost guarantee subject to standard pre-work assessment

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What is included?

  • 1 x Pre-built Email Preference Centre Template
    • To ensure prospect engagement with your marketing communications, you need a preference centre that looks good! 

      Give us your brand colours, logo, font and other styling information and we will provide you with a fully responsive preference centre template that looks good in dark mode too.
  • 1 x Pre-built Form Template
    • Forms create Leads so you need to make them user friendly and appealing! 

      Let us style you a responsive form template that aligns with your website style. 
  • Form resizer code and implementation
    • On top of the form template, we will implement a solution you need to make your MCAE forms automatically resize to the space in your web page. 

      We simply amend one part of the form and add a line of text on the website. Easy peasy! 
  • 1 x Training call
    •  A short call to show you how to use the assets! This package is designed to be simple and easy to use so it won't take long. Plus, we will record the call so you can refer back. 

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